piatok 22. júna 2012

Historical monuments in Presov
                                  Fountain of Neptune

                                                         Rákóczi Palace

                                                          Bosakova bank
                                                             Church of St. Nicholas

štvrtok 21. júna 2012

Sport and education in Presov

In Presov operates 34 secondary schools. Students have the opportunity to study English bilingual school, elementary school and high school.

In Presov there is Presov University. 
University has 9 faculties.
 -  Philosophical facult
-  Greek-Catholic Theology
-  Faculty of Humanities and natural Sciences
-  Faculty of Management                                                            
-  Faculty of pedagogy
-  Faculty of Orthodox Theology
-  Faculty of sport
-  Faculty of Health
Sport centers provide you a lot of fun there.
  • Football stadion FC Tatran Prešov – with capacity 16 000 viewers
  • Covered ice rink with capacity 6 500viewers
  • Tenis courts TK Tatran Prešov
  • Handball hall HK Prešov
  • Handball arena Tatran Prešov
                                                                                                       Tatran handball arena                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Presov - general information

Presov, with 91 205 people is the third largest city in Slovakia. Presov consists of 4 parts. They are Presov, Salgovik and Nizna Sebastova. Crossing of area of Presov are going international rail lines to Ukraine and Poland. 

The nearest big citties are: Kosice, Uzhorod, Miskolc, Budapest and Bratislava.

Historic center of city is national historic landmark.
City is near the Slanske mountains and Sarisska highlands. 
Presov has two rivers Torysa and Sekcov.

Geographically Prešov is exactly on the 49th parallel. Elevation of the historical city center is about 255 meters above sea level.

Average temperature in Presov is 8,6°C. The hottest month is Jun with average temperature 19,5°C and the coldest is January with average temperature -3,5°C.

Internet webpage of city is www.presov.com